Company Introduction
We are an experimental plastic and die-casting precision mold manufacturer. Latest CAD / CAM / CAE helps speed the development of new products from concept to production, from 3D mold design to CNC machining, at same digital data base. Integrated process automation CNC tools and analysis tools enable us to produce high quality precision mold with competitive price within lead time.









In order to increase the molds production capacity with faster production cycle and better service to our valuable customers, we established a 13,000 square feet factory in Dongguan (China) in 1990. We can produce various kind of products such as electronic, electrical appliances, toys and die castings components. Also, our molds can take many complex designs with size up to 1400mm x 1000mm and weight up to 5 tons mold.








We believe that every customer's first requirment is a quality product. Powerful CAD/CAM/CAE software together with Mold design have been installed to design product and mold in full parametric 3D database. Hitachi Seiki High Speed Vertical Machining Center with 20 thousands rpm can produce excellent surface and precision molds in shortest lead time with an affordable tooling cost.

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