a. What CAD/CAM software and files format that we can accept to quote and produce mold?

We can accept most common CAD/CAM software such as Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer, CATIA, Solid Edge, Solid Work, CadKey, MasterCam, Mechanical Desktop and AutoCad.

Translators preferable in priority are Parasolid, Step, Iges, STL (for rapid phototype), DXF and CGM format.

b. What service we can provide?

  1. Mold 3D design and produce mold;
  2. Reverse Engineer for produce mold;
  3. Engineering Design and drawing;
  4. Rapid Phototype;
  5. CNC Machining and EDM.


c. How many staff we have?

1 . Hong Kong Management Staff 3 persons
2. CAD/CAM/CAE Engineer 6 persons
3. Senior Tooling Technician 3 persons
4. Tooling Technician 15 persons
5. Junior Technician 5 persons
6. CNC Operator 4 persons
7. EDM Operator 3 persons
8. Polishing Technician 6 persons
9. Injection Machine Operator 2 persons
10. Other Staff 3 persons
Total: 50 persons
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